Nicole Bastos

Age 21

Cape Town, South Africa

Student: Marketing and Advertising Intern

Very Much Up Shoes? Yep, you’re saying it right! Thats what I used to call my mums high heels when i was about 6 years old. Every time I saw her getting ready to go out somewhere I would ask if I could wear her ‘very much up shoes’ – haha obviously known to the rest of the world as high heels. So since then you could pretty much say I was obsessed with shoes and fashion. But that’s not all – I also love food – my mum and I are always baking and trying out new and weird recipes, which I will post if they turn out successful. And then there is fitness, not just in the form of gyming but also dancing, as this has been a long love of mine and yoga because I wanted to try something new!

So thats what I am about, fashion, fitness and food! And that’s what I will post about. Because that’s what I love and I hope you love what I have to say.



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