Trend Alert: The Choker

So this isn’t much of an ‘alert’ because I am sure you’re aware that the choker is back and in a big way. But to be honest I thought it would fade out as quickly as it appeared, but I was very wrong! It is here to stay and I am shocked and impressed all at once.

I love the choker (my 10 year old self also did way back when) but it is making a modern and chic return, and I much prefer the look of the 2016 choker as I’m sure we all do! I love how they range from being delicate to chunky to boho chic and many more styles. They are great for casual wear and they can be dressed up for work and they are prefect for a night out. Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are rocking the look, and they are showing us how to wear it best!

Here are some of my favourite celebrity choker looks on Pinterest at the moment. They range from chunky to slinky and they transition easily from day to night and even to business looks. Rosie definitely wears this trend best in my opinion, her short locks and long neck showcase the necklaces so beautifully.

celeb choker trend.jpg

Here are some of my other favourite chokers on sale at the moment from retail stores.

This dainty piece from Accessorize is understated and feminine, and it is great if you are are hesitant to try out this trend as it doesn’t jump out at you.


This simple black choker is from ASOS, is has a simple gold studded detail and is a great addition to a bunch of stringy layered necklaces, or worn on its own.


I love this long layered one from Forever 21, its great for festivals and I love how it is so simple so that you can style it how you like. Tie it in a bow or let it hang loose, either way it will look great!


This chunky gold choker from Forever 21 is one of my favourites (but then again I do love gold jewellery!) It is so simple and chic and can be worn as an everyday work item as it is appropriate and stylish.


Lastly is this metal choker from Zara. It is definitely a more formal piece, I love how the material looks so textured andI love the three small layers.



*Images are not my own and they are all linked to the websites from which I found them.


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