AA: Hydro Algae Blue Review

I have always been the type of person who likes change. So this often means that I change my beauty products often, sometimes before I am even half way done with one to try another. I love brand switching, and testing out many different brands to try and figure out which are best for me, but when I find one that I love I stick to it loyally!Experimenting with beauty brands is something that I feel everyone should do. It allows you to find out what different brands can offer you, because ultimately you need to benefit from using them.

So recently I tried a new face cream, AA Hydro Algae Blue. It is not a brand that is widely know, or not one that I have recently heard of at least, but it has been great to me so far. I usually suffer from an oily T-zone, and I often have dry skin on my nose. So finding something that can combat both areas has always been difficult.

The AA Hydro Algae Blue is a night facial cream, and (according to the instructions) should be applied after you have washed your face every evening. Of course you should avoid your eyes and neck area too as it is designed specifically for facial skin.

The packaging looks quite appealing to me too, the fresh white and pale blue make the product look premium and I love that all you need to know about the product, what’s in it and how to use it are easy to find and clearly printed on the box. This is a great feature for me because sometimes I get lazy or frustrated when I have to look too hard for this kind of information.

So on to the actual product: AA seems to be working very well for me so far. I love a face cream that makes your skin feel hydrated after using it, especially after a long day of wearing make up and being exposed to gross polluted air. The product uses special properties of ‘blue algae’ along with ‘rosehip extract’ which is rich in Vitamin C which allows for a deep moisturising, the ‘rosehip extract’ also doubles as an antioxidant which promotes the skin from loosing is smooth and suppleness.

Then for combating the oily part: AA Hydro Algae Blue also contains something called ‘azelaic acid’ which is a regulator for the skins secretion of serum. All of these aspects make the cream perfect for both combination skin (thats me!) and oily skin.


The cream itself has a light texture and feels great when applied. It also has an appealing pearly blue colour which suits the name of the product perfectly and adds a cute and fun element to the product.

Regardless of your skin type the face cream leaves your face feeling moisturised for a long time. This is something that most facial creams tend to lack, once I pout them on, after an hour or so it feels as though I have put nothing on my skin because it is dry again or even more oily than before I washed it. AA leaves you with a great refreshed feeling and I’m feeling quite confident about this product so far.

If you are interested in trying it out, you can find the product here. I purchased it for R250 which I consider to be a pretty fair price for a good quality product. And to be honest my beauty products aren’t something that I am going to skimp on. I would rather spend a few extra dollars and get a great product, that benefits me and makes me feel great.

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