Vegan Sweet Treats

So recently I have been very interested in the vegan lifestyle, I am not sure that I could manage it myself, but some of the food and their health benefits are extremely appealing to me. So I searched on Pinterest for some raw vegan baking ideas and I came across a few of these recipes that I am going to try out as soon as I have some extra time! I cant wait, they look absolutely delicious. I will post my attempts as soon as I try and review each of them – so for now here are the recipes I really want to try out. Now the problem is to decide which one to try first!?

Follow the links below the images to get their recipes, some of these sites are amazing and have so many other very interesting and tasty recipes on them.


Cranberry, Orange Carrot Cake

Raw Chocolate Cheesecakes

Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Cake

Caramel Bars

Raw Chocolate Raspberry Slices

Coconut, Caramel Topped Pecan Bars

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